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  • Welcome to SMEFUNDS CAPITAL!

    SMEFUNDS Capital typically leverage social capital in form of investment to accelerate the flow of finance to early stage social enterprise that positions to create innovative and sustainable new solutions to worlds problems and poverty.

    Our philosophy of engaging enterprise solutions to attempt fill the risk-taking expansion capital gap for social enterprises while providing investors with an attractive blend of financial and social returns. We help our investors change the world, one at a time while they put their money where money is the difference.

  • Social Enterprise

    In a world filled with abundance, Social enterprises require a variety of types of capital, ranging from philanthropic dollars to equity and equity-like capital to debt, across a mix of risk and return.

    It requires institutions that understand the complexity of these enterprises and see the possibilities for a variety of types of equity and equity-like investments. Our fund will ensure that portfolio companies can achieve their growth goals without compromising their mission.

    Investment Type:

    We make early stage debt and equity investment ranging in size from $0.1-0.5 million in social enterprise organizations that meet our investment criteria. We are open to investments across a variety of different sectors in companies that can build scalable business models and create sustainable social impact.

    Ideal Portfolio Candidate:

    • For profit social enterprise

    • Strong management team

    • Well defined and scalable growth opportunities

    • Attractive market with strong competitive advantage

    • More than 1yr

    • Measurable social impact potential

    For Investors:


    For Entrepreneurs:


  • Your Idea

    Just a single Idea is the heart of the Matter to change the landscape or the world! We seek to hear more about your unique solution you are bringing to the world. What is the problem you are solving and how innovative is it?

    We are willing to provide the external factor (Capital you need to turn your idea into reality.)

    Our team will review it and revert to you quickly!

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